rolfingJudi Clinton has been practicing Rolfing® for over 25 years. During that time, she has continued her learning and incorporated many other styles of therapy as well. One aspect of the job that drives Judi is her desire to teach others how to care for themselves. She views her practice as very interactive: she is not doing work on the client, she is working with the client. As such, Judi’s services address a broad variety of methods, teachings, modalities, and approaches depending on the client’s needs and desires. Working with Judi may include:

  • Rolfing® therapy – individualized sessions typically lasting 75 to 90 minutes
  • Movement Lessons – teaching of body movements, based on Feldenkrais
  • Method Awareness Through Movement®, chi gung, and Continuum, clients can incorporate as homework or learn in a class
  • The Rossiter System bodywork – natural pain relief techniques
  • Awareness Through Movement® classes utilizing the Feldenkrais Method® – group classes emphasizing body awareness and range of motion
  • Sound Healing – Tibetan singing bowl meditations offered twice per month (second Tuesday and fourth Sunday)
  • Zero Balance – Touch therapy for body and mind
  • BEMER Microcirculation Therapy – free demos and 8 minute BEMER sessions.

Because Judi’s approach is comprehensive, she has the unique ability to apply exactly the right type of therapy for clients’ individual needs.

Call Judi and discuss how her services can help you improve your overall health and wellness. After the call you can take time to consider your options before starting a program that will help you live your life healthier. Call (319) 541-6957.

After seeing the enormous transformation that Judi Clinton made in my body, one of my sisters set up her own appointment for Rolfing. I knew how much better I was feeling but my sister’s reaction was further proof that I was on the right track.
retired diplomat, Muscatine