What is the Rossiter System?

The Rossiter System is a series of techniques that result in the reduction or elimination of pain in the body. The approach utilizes two people: the client (known as the “person in charge”) and the Rossiter-trained coach (Judi). Using this two-person technique, the body is stretched and released to restore the body’s connective tissue to a more natural and pain-free state. The Rossiter System was developed by Richard Rossiter who is a certified Rolfer.

Rossiter sessions can maximize your range of motion, reduce chance of injury, and increase flexibility and mobility. If you’ve been dealing with pain in your lower back, knees, ankles, elbows, hips, shoulders… these are perfect places that the Rossiter System addresses quickly and easily. Rossiter is part of Judi’s Rolfing/Structural Integration practice as a subset of Rolfing.

Read more at therossitersystem.com. Contact Judi by email or phone at 319-541-6957 to talk about Judi’s Rossiter approach as a subset of her Rolfing practice.