The links below represent the variety of teachings in which Judi is certified and/or continues to study. Judi’s approach to wellness for your body would include components of each of these methods depending on your body and your interest.

Rolf Institute of Structural Integration

Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation – The only nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting structural integration research and collaboration between research and clinical communities.

Rossiter System – alternative, natural and effective way to get pain out of your body

From Radish Magazine, July 27, 2010: (Judi) Clinton says the idea that rolfing is painful is a common misconception. While most people have “hot spots” that will hurt when stretched, she works to make sure clients don’t come out hurting afterward… Rolfing seems to be making (Laura Gsell’s) muscles feel better on a permanent basis, says Gsell. Since she started seeing Clinton in the fall of 2009, she has decreased from weekly sessions to monthly ones. “It feels like the muscles are healing themselves,” Gsell says. “I’m looking forward to getting better.”