About Judi

Judi Clinton has a passon for interactive healing. Over the course of her nearly 30 years of experience, she honed a gift for listening to the body. Her ability to apply a vast variety of techniques for easing pain and preventing illness is not only what she is highly qualified to do, it is what she feels called to do.

It all started with a fall from a horse…

as explained by Barbara Booth in an article in the Wilmington, NC Star-News: “New Career Found in Quest for Pain Relief,” parts of which are excerpted here:

Judi_Clinton_2When she was pregnant with her third child, Judi fell from a horse. She landed on her hip, didn’t notice a bruise and deivered a healthy girl six months later. “Whatever imbalance my pelvis and sacrum took with the hit, being pregnant aggravated a minor injury,” said Ms. Clinton. “After my daughter was a year old, I had a lot of back pain. I went to a chiropractor for 10 years.”

She said the adjustments would only last a couple of days and as soon as she picked up her children, worked in her garage, or did everyday chores, she would throw her back out.

“I was doing yoga, aerobics and thinking ‘Maybe I just need to strengthen my back,’ ” she explained. “Anytime I sneezed or worked too hard the sacrum would twist and torque.”

She found pain relief – and eventually a new career from Rolfing Structural Integration. Named after its creator Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Rolfing is described by The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration as a holistic system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education that organizes the entire body in gravity.

“I had a gazillion massages and this was above and beyond,” said Ms. Clinton. “It was getting things out of balance into balance… and my posture changed.”

She explained that when her posture improved, lessening the twisting and torque of her bones, as well as correcting her sway back, flat feet and knocked knees, she “grew” – going from 5-foot-8 inches tall to 5-foot-9 1/4. Even her shoe size changed.

In 1984, Ms. Clinton traveled between her home in Maine (at the time) and The Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado, to complete her training and become a Certified Rolfer. It took her a year and a half. She returned in 1991 for Advanced Rolfer training and later took four weeks of additional schooling to attain the Advanced Rolfer and Movement teacher level.


Ms. Clinton, who enjoys gardening, swimming, yoga, walking, bicycling, reading and going to movies in her free time, also fits in a personal Rolf session for herself once a month.

“A lot of this work is educational,” she said. “It’s different from chiropractic and massage. It’s so interactive. I love this. It’s never boring.”

Ms. Clinton’s practice is located in Coralville, Iowa and is she taking appointments for Rolfing sessions at (319) 512-3413.

Several years ago I was referred to Judi and Rolfing by a mutual friend for my chronic complaints of tight shoulders, neck, back.  I immediately loved the Rolfing (and Judi) because it helped me so much with my posture.  I am an artist and work standing up which can lead to tight muscles and low back pain.  Judi has been very helpful in suggesting things I can do to protect my back and stay stress free.  I now live in Florida half the year and I’m always in need of some appointments with Judi when I get back.  I always feel more open, lifted and relaxed after Rolf sessions and that feeling stays with me.  I highly recommend Judi!!!
Tara Moorman, Cedar Rapids

When I met Judi, (she) was an angel in disguise encouraging me and telling me we could get through this together without surgery…(Judi) has a pleasant and calming demeanor that lets me relax and feel comfortable as she treats me.
Debra, Iowa City

And here is some more information about Judi.


  • Rolf/Structural Integration
  • Advanced Rolf/Structural Integration
  • FeldenKrais Method
  • Reiki I and II
  • Tai Chi
  • Chi Gung
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Yuen Method
  • Continuum Movement
  • Hospice
  • Rossiter System for pain relief
  • Sound Healing
  • Zero Balance


  • Private Practice (Wilmington, NC and Iowa City, IA)
  • Corporate workshops and in-service training
  • Collaborative performance medicine – worked with violinists, brass, vocalists, concert pianists and other musicians
  • Faculty for Carlson School of Massage
  • Coordinator for Hospice volunteers


  • Rolf Institute of Boulder Colorado
  • Iowa Massage License
  • Feldenkrais Guild and International Feldenkrais Guild
  • National Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Judi was a founding board member of the Holistic Resource Network of Eastern Iowa and continues to maintain a professional membership with the Rolf Institute.