old_leaning_barn_smPicture an old barn falling down. That is what time and stress do to structures, both human and otherwise. A structure that is rigid and poorly balanced lacks resilience. As humans living on planet Earth, we live within the field of gravity. We may feel as if our body is always in struggle.

But we don’t have to be at war with gravity. We can learn to use gravity as an energizing, lifting, and supporting medium. Rolfing® and movement therapy such as the Feldenkrais Method® enable just that.

Judi_Clinton_2Judi Clinton has almost 30 years of experience in Rolfing® and movement therapy. With Judi’s experienced hands and knowledge of how bodies support themselves, she can work with you to teach your body how to live healthy again! Take a look at the information on this website and see how she can help, such as in the before and after images below of Rolfing® results, and then give Judi a call to find out more.


Get a Rolf tuneup!

Rolfing is designed to create sustainable change. For some, one to three sessions will alleviate or substantially reduce any problems. For others, a series of ten sessions is needed. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to return for a Rolfing renewal session about every year or so to check-in and see how your body is doing.


Case Study

As a 57 year old disabled professor, Rolfing with Judi has allowed me to maintain mobility in spite of a severe case of Rheumatoid Disease, related scoliosis and a deteriorated spine. Judi has been able to assist me with stretching and pressure point exercises to decrease my pain level and to increase my ability to walk again. When I began working with Judi, I was unable to function: standing and walking were impossible tasks. After intense sessions of Rolfing and Feldenkrais work, I am able to walk short distances without my electric scooter and my pain level has diminished measurably! Initially, I told Judi that the level of success would be measured by the number of pain pills that I took each day. I was able to diminish from 12 pain pills to 5 pain pills after learning various strategies for stretching and movement from Judi. She is a very genuine and loving spirit; and she has been very helpful to me in my journey each week for several months. I HIGHLY recommend using Judi’s expertise to assist with severe structural problems and pain. She is absolutely amazing in every way!
Dr. Vickie Trent


Interactive bodywork that lengthens the body’s connective tissue to increase breathing capacity, improve posture, heal injuries, and reduce scar tissue.


The body learns a new way of holding itself which increases range of motion, flexibility, posture, and balance.


Find out more about the Feldenkrais Method ® of retraining the body and Judi’s classes for how to learn it.